About Jason & Jessica

A high school English teacher since 2003, Jason (he/him)has been practicing Yoga since 2006. Though at first drawn to the practice through the healing benefits of asana, he later became interested in Yoga philosophy and meditation, and soon became deeply drawn to the Jivamukti method and its integrative approach to Yoga. He completed his first 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2014. He is grateful to have been part of the first online 300 hour JYTT in 2020.

Jason’s classes and workshops are intellectually and physically stimulating, and present the asana practice as a metaphor for life: a place to dissolve illusions and master the skills that we can employ in every moment in order to live more mindfully and freely.

Jason extends immense gratitude to his gurus across time and space, who speak through their classes, their books, and their sheer generosity of spirit.

Jason also shares his writing from time to time at jasondefoe.com.

As a life-long musician, music educator since 2003 and sincere student of yoga since 2004, Jessica (she/her) began practicing as a way to manage stress and anxiety. Over the years, she has the blessed fortune of sitting with many teachers in the Jivamukti Yoga Method.  She completed her first 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2014, and her Level I Yoga-Nidrā Teacher Training in 2020 with Brenda Feuerstein. She completed her 300 hour Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training (Online/Italy 2020) with Olga Oskorbina, Camilla Veen, and mentor Jessica Stickler.

Jessica’s classes have a clear theme or focus based in yogic teachings and scriptures. She uses Nāda, music, chanting and sound at the core of her classes to uplift the practice, creating a space filled with love and compassion for all beings. 

Jessica’s endless and boundless gratitude to her holy teachers Sharonji (Gannon) and Davidji (Life) for the beautiful lens to view and move through life that is Jivamukti Yoga: joyful devotion opening her heart, endeavouring the absolute best she can to elevate the lives of all (human, animal and plant) Holy Beings.  As a teacher of both yoga and high school instrumental music, she humbly offers the many teachings she has been blessed with from her dearest teachers. Endless and boundless gratitude to the teachers who have come before us and who have so lovingly laid this path at our feet, for their teachings, friendship, love and mentorship.

Photo by Cherie Lovell

Certifications - Jason

Certifications - Jessica

We are very grateful to have taught in the Windsor/Essex Yoga cOMmunity since 2014. 

Student testimonials 

"Jessica and Jason's classes will calm your soul and bring peace of mind and thought in their beautiful teachings. It brings an inner peace to mind and body that is comfortable, sensitive and lovely."

"I was fortunate to have experienced in person (asana) classes with them for many years. They are an incredible team. Not only do they bring their knowledge and experience with them they also have a wisdom that is not usually found in the young. The use of the harmonium and Jessica’s beautiful voice add a resonance to the class. Jason’s dharma talks always enlighten and open the mind. They are truly inspiring teachers and people who I now call my friends."

"Especially during covid lockdowns these classes (Dharma & Meditation) brought an extra sense of calm during a very anxious time."

"Dharma & Meditation is jam packed with inspiration & enlightenment! It helps to open the door to a discussion about world issues and how it relates to the Self. Dharma & Meditation helps us to realize that we are all One, the only thing that separates us is ego. A consistent Meditation practice can help us recognize that Only Love is Real."